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Toru Sasaki

Toru Sasaki

Toru Sasaki
Representative Executive Officer, Head of Japan Operation


Macromill's strength is continuous growth. We will continue to grow without stopping. Just like our corporate philosophy since the foundation, we offer services that truly impress and satisfy our customers, create an environment where our employees can challenge their capabilities and pursue profit for sustainable growth.

That's why we demonstrate strong leaderships, always be innovative and improve customer and employee satisfaction. We will become a truly global company that represents Japan, which all stakeholders will be proud of.


Toru Sasaki graduated from Faculty of Economics, Chuo University. He joined Macromill in June 2003 after working at Ikko and ABC Mart. After experiencing the role of Research Direction, sales, and M&A PMI at Macromill, he was appointed as an Executive Officer/General Manager of Online Research Division in 2010. Then he was appointed as a Senior Executive Officer of Misecolle Inc. and left Macromill in 2014. He came back to Macromill in June 2015 after working at Glider Associates Inc. as an Executive Officer and Board of Director. He was appointed as an Executive Officer of Macromill in October 2015.