Macromill Group


Solutions for your market insights needs

Macromill Group is a rapidly-growing global marketing research and digital marketing solutions provider. We bring together the collective power of our specialist companies to provide innovative data and insights that drive clients’ smarter decisions. Our industry-leading digital research solutions deliver rapid and cost-effective solutions to the challenges businesses face today.

We provide solutions to your marketing challenges.

Advertising & Brand

Insights for Brand Performance, Creative Development, and Media Effectiveness

Product Innovation

Insights for Market Exploration, Product Development and Sales Activation

Customer Values

Insights for Customer Acquisition, Experience, Value Management and Retention

We have broad range of innovative marketing services.

Marketing Research

Extensive research services capable of various needs, including quantitative and qualitative

Digital Marketing Research

The next generation research - Effectiveness measurement of Digital marketing

Global Research

High quality oversea surveys in over 78 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and others

Database Research

Provides valuable information and facts on purchase behavior, consumer life style