Macromill Group

Case Stories

Amstel Bock


Neuro-physiological study for flavor evaluation: Takasago Singapore

Using physiological indices to better understand female consumers in Indonesia.

Amstel Bock


Study on ad targeting: broad vs narrow audiences

How to maximize the impact of your investment in mobile video ads on Facebook.

Amstel Bock


Packaging design testing for Amstel Bock

Attract new customers with a disruptive package design, while retaining current buyers.

Perfetti Van Melle


The empathy measurement using our neuro indices

We verified the messages that had maximum appeal with consumers


Ad pre-test: Yahoo

Yahoo wanted to assess a 15-second digital ad’s ability to ”break through the clutter”.


Mixed Mode Survey for Election Polls:YTN

YTN, a Korean media specialist channel, planned to conduct preliminary surveys as opinion polls by major areas which are highly interested in for the parliamentary election in April 2016.


Mobile sampling for Heineken in emerging markets

Capture the tastes, preferences and opinions of the next billion consumers with mobile survey sampling in emerging markets.