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The empathy measurement using our neuro indices:Perfetti Van Melle

Client's issue

Perfetti Van Melle,the world’s third largest manufacturer and distributor of confectionery and chewing gum, needed to understand what creative executions would have the most appeal, and crucially, would be viewed in full, thereby leaving the desired memorable impression.

Provided services or solutions

MMJ utilized empathy measurement using our neuro indices to optimize its video advertising creative made for “FRISK Clean Breath”, a new product within FRISK.
The empathy measurement approach scientifically evaluates TV and video creatives. It employs Centan’s patented technology* to reveal where multiple people share the same emotional responses to advertising and brand messages. The results are then analyzed and correlated using the neuroscience technique of electroencephalogram (EEG).

*Patent Number: 5799351

The results or action plan after research

By using empathy measurement, we verified the messages that had maximum appeal with consumers, and identified exactly when viewers lost interest in the creative. By calculating the exact evaluation criteria for each scene, we were able to optimize and improve the video so that consumers would watch until the end. As a result, the retention rate* of the final creative exceeded 77%, despite the relatively long duration of the video at two minutes. Critically, viewers stayed watching until the end to see the all-important product shot.

*Video Retention Rate: Viewing persistent value when watching a video

Learnings from the projects

Our empathy measurement helped the client with identifying its creative challenges on campaign video ad and contributed to ensure consumers stay tuned to the end of the ad. This sophisticated approach we provide together with Centan, a neuromarketing pioneer, have given our client a competitive advantage in understanding reactions to their campaigns.

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