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Announcement of a New External Board Member

Macromill Inc. (Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO: Scott Ernst, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Macromill”) has selected a new external board member, and we are pleased to announce as below.

Akie Iriyama : External Board Member (As of May 9, 2016)

Macromill has decided to select an external board member to improve the management transparency in order to further enhance our corporate governance.

Mr. Akie Iriyama is currently an associate professor at Waseda Business School(WBS). His previous experience involves research/consultancy for automobile industry and domestic/international government organizations at Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., one of the most prestigious Japanese consulting firms. One of his study theme is global management, and we have considered his rich experience and extensive knowledge as a business scholar, and thought his advices and suggestions can be great assets for our overall management. We will strive to enhance performance further and improve the corporate value under the new management.

Profile of Mr. Akie Iriyama

Professor Iriyama joined WBS in 2013. Prior to joining WBS, he served as an assistant professor of State University of New York at Buffalo, United States, for five years. He received MA and BA in economics from Keio University, Japan, and Ph.D. from University of Pittsburgh, United States. Professor Iriyama has broad research interests in strategic management, international business, and entrepreneurship. He has widely published in premier academic journals on strategic management and international business. Before pursuing his academic career, Professor Iriyama worked for Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., a leading research/consulting company in Japan, as an industry economist/business consultant.


I have decided to join Macromill as an external board member because I believe its further growth/innovation potential. Through the collaboration of business scholar’s perspective as well as serving the role of a “third party” board member, I hope to contribute to Macromill’s further success.