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Macromill collaborating with Shiga University in data science development to accelerate industry-academia partnership
- Assisting in field marketing education for data scientists -

Shiga University (Hikone city, Shiga Prefecture, Japan / Principal Ryuichi Ida) and Macromill Inc. (Tokyo, Japan / Global CEO Scott Ernst) reached an agreement to cooperate in data science study and development.
Macromill will help students leverage their business capability through the provision of marketing data, providing training on data analysis and creating opportunities for them to obtain practical knowledge on marketing. Macromill will also support them to utilize big data for digital marketing, give instructions on field marketing, and challenge students to seek new analytics to address business issues in the real world.
Shiga University and Macromill will continue to share expertise, and promote a business-academia collaboration through more educational opportunities, R&D, and large scale talent exchange.

Both parties agreed upon the alliance in the following areas:

Alliance scope (as currently planned)

(1) Talent/ educational development in data science

  • Supply an analytical tool “QPR-TRACE”[1] utilizing consumer purchase data (QPR)
  • Deliver market research training for students and provide opportunities for them to conduct data analysis on field problems
  • Collaborate at the “Competition of data analysis driven marketing strategies” hosted by Macromill

(2) Study of data science for better decision making in field marketing

  • Joint investigation/ development of new analytical methods utilizing Macromill’s marketing data

(3) Mutual assignment of instructors/ talent exchange

  • Faculty members from Shiga Uni. to provide data science lectures at the Macromill Academy[2]
  • Macromill employees being sent to the Graduate School of data science.
  • Macromill accepting interns from Shiga Uni.

[1] An ASP tool for consumer purchase data analysis. It allows us to receive periodical reports on shopping trends based on shopping panel’s purchase database which is updated daily. It is backed by Japan’s first online single source data, combining consumer purchase history data, purchase data, and survey data.
[2] A talent development program for Macromill employees

Macromill’s flagship solutions:


  • QPR
    Japan’s first online single source data service combining product purchase data with survey data
  • MHS
    Data collection service based on household panel surveys, integrating household/ individual shopping data with survey data
  • bdb
    Analytical/ database services utilizing semiannual “life style research” involving 30 thousand consumers


  • AccessMill
    Japan’s biggest digital marketing effectiveness assessment service. There were more than 200 projects using digital media log tracking with mainly large scale companies.

About Macromill

We are a rapidly growing global market research and digital marketing solutions provider. We bring together the collective power of our specialist companies to provide innovative data and insights that drive clients’ smarter decisions. Our industry-leading digital research solutions deliver rapid and cost-effective solutions to the challenges businesses face today. We are headquartered in Tokyo and Rotterdam with over 30 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Macromill serves more than 3,800 brands and agencies in more than 90 countries with over 1,700 experts worldwide.

Macromill companies include: Macromill, Inc., Dentsu Macromill Insight, Inc., M-Cube, Inc., M-Promo, Inc., Macromill Carenet, Inc., Macromill Embrain Co., Ltd., MetrixLab B.V., Oxyme B.V. and Precision Sample, LLC.


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Macromill collaborating with Shiga University in data science development to accelerate industry-academia partnership