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Macromill becomes the first Japanese market research company to adopt Drawbridge’s Consumer Graph® to bolster its DMP solution

Tokyo, November 27, 2018 - A global market research and digital marketing solutions provider Macromill, Inc. (Macromill) announced today that it has introduced the “Connected Consumer Graph ® (hereinafter referred to as ‘Consumer Graph’)” from Drawbridge Inc. through Mitsui & Co., Ltd. This is the first time a Japanese market research company has adopted the industry-leading cross-device matching technology*1, which provides the world’s highest level of matching precision*2 . Through the alliance, Macromill will amplify its proprietary panel data to provide richer and more people-focused data, thereby further bolstering its DMP (Data Management Platform)*3 solution.

Rising demand for people-based marketing across devices

With the increasing number of multiple-device users, there has been a new demand in the field of marketing research for cross-device matching technology that can unify and optimize consumer data across various communication platforms. This includes a need for a DMP solution that is capable of synthetically managing and analyzing such data to provide a better people-based marketing approach rather than a device-based approach.

To meet such growing demand, Macromill has identified Drawbridge’s Consumer Graph as the ideal solution to further strengthen its current DMP offer. Consumer Graph estimates multiple digital device IDs from various parameters, and then connects those devices to consumers.

Bolstering Macromill’s DMP solution via Consumer Graph

In recent years, Macromill has been offering its proprietary panel data with consent to enrich the clients’ DMP database. We have also used our expertise in survey and data analysis, providing a consultancy service to help clients develop their DMPs. By introducing Drawbridge’s cross-device matching technology, Macromill can further maximize its data provision, and also connect various data among companies via the Drawbridge user ID.

Macromill plus Consumer Graph: An advantageous alliance
● Amplifying Macromill’s Proprietary Data

In addition to its proprietary panel data, Macromill has access log data (approx. 10 billion impressions per month) gathered from third-party websites. By connecting these proprietary data with Consumer Graph, Macromill can amplify such data as cross-device data of Cookie and Mobile Ad ID and provide them to clients’ DMP. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1. Cross-device matching with Consumer Graph

Figure 1. Cross-device matching with Consumer Graph

● Connecting data among Drawbridge user companies

Through the Drawbridge user ID, data can be easily connected among companies. In addition to the client’s DMP data, external data such as offline information including geo-fencing information, online access logs and app access logs can be connected via the Drawbridge user ID, thereby realizing more multi-faceted user data analysis. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2. Using Drawbridge to maximize multiple data sets

Figure 2. Using Drawbridge to maximize multiple data sets

Leveraging Consumer Graph to enhance Macromill’s online survey

In addition to DMP, Macromill and Drawbridge will work together to verify and implement the cross-device matching technology in Macromill’s online market research to improve the data of ad exposers and non-exposers. This will improve the accuracy of Macromill’s online ad effectiveness measurement services.

*1 By Internal Research

*2 Matching Precision is 97.3% (Nielsen)
Source:WebWire “Drawbridge Cross-Device Connected Consumer Graph Is 97.3% Accurate”

*3 DMP: Abbreviation for Data Management Platform. A data platform that collects and analyzes an enormous volume of data from various sources owned by advertisers/media/E-Commerce websites to be utilized for marketing purposes.

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