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Macromill announces automatic optimization of online advertisement delivery linked with attitude survey data
– Full-scale launch of Macromill’s Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery –

Tokyo, Jul. 2, 2020 - Macromill, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO; hereinafter, “Macromill”) is pleased to announce the full-scale launch of “Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery”, a service for automatically optimizing online advertisement delivery based on our “real-time surveys*1“. This service is compatible with “Google Ads” for advertisers and is a never-before-seen service developed by Macromill. This new service delivers online advertisements linked with attitudinal survey results(including advertisement recognition rate, brand index, etc.) that are measured sequentially.

Background on the development of this new service

The Japanese online advertising market is showing remarkable growth with particularly strong growth of video advertising, rich media, and premium advertisements. “Brand advertisements”, typically associated with TV commercials, are increasingly appearing in online campaigns. Moreover, the recent effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have further sped up the shift to digital advertising. In connection with this shift, it has become necessary to also evaluate online advertising, using indicators like brand recognition, interest, and purchase intent, that are based on “consumer attitudinal data” that are typically used to evaluate TV campaigns and other forms of mass advertising.

Furthermore, “programmatic advertising*2” now accounts for about 80% of all online advertising*3, giving marketers the opportunity to adjust delivery volume, web site placement, and audience targeting.
In the current environment, online advertising, media planning and delivery have been conducted using conventional performance indicators like CTR and CVR that show the results of online campaigns, in real-time, with the aim of increasing operational efficiency. As marketers have begun to adopt brand advertising measures for online advertising, there exists an additional opportunity to apply these types of brand measures to programmatic advertising which enables the optimization of brand campaigns flexibly and in real-time during the campaign period.

We have developed Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery, a service for automatically optimizing advertising delivery while sequentially measuring the results from consumer attitudinal surveys. This enables marketers to flexibly optimize these campaigns using the combination of both conventional and brand indicators, like brand recognition, interest, and purchase intent to automatically turn on and off online advertisement delivery and to adjust volume for optimal results

Demonstration experiment with a major beverage maker

With the help of this major beverage client, we conducted a demonstration experiment to verify the utility of using Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery to effectively increase advertisement recognition through YouTube TrueView and bumper advertising of a soft drink brand.

Content of the experiment

An online advertisement was delivered using Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery (hereinafter, “the service”) with the aim of maximizing advertisement recognition, whereby the utility of the service was verified. “Linked delivery area,” with the service in use, was compared with the “regular delivery area” to evaluate the increase in advertisement recognition throughout the campaign period. In the linked delivery area, delivery was automatically turned on and off according to campaign targets set by age group and frequency of once every two days based on gathered advertisement recognition rate. By contrast, there was no coordination by age group in the regular delivery area. Further, the advertisement placement budget was allocated to each area according to the population ratio to ensure that there was no difference due to placement volume.

Results of the experiment (utility of the service)

Looking at the results of the experiment, the advertisement recognition rate growth from the early advertisement placement was +13.0 points in the linked delivery area and +7.9 points in the regular delivery area. The linked delivery area was 165% (1.7 times) higher, thus verifying the utility of the service.

Results of the experiment (utility of the service)

Other ways to use

The demonstration experiment involved linked delivery with the aim of maximizing advertisement recognition, but linked delivery can also be done based on trends in brand indicators, such as brand recognition, interest, and purchase intention. It can also be used to turn delivery on and off or to optimize placement to reach KPI targets.

Macromill is also considering a global launch of the service by linking Consumer Insight-Linked Delivery with the Company’s proprietary overseas survey panels.

Macromill will continue to drive innovation in the marketing business domain with its cutting-edge services to realize a society where marketing services are readily available to anyone.


*1   Real time surveys: Solution provided in real-time on our original dashboard (miliBoard) to obtain brand recognition rate, popularity, and other “brand indicators.”
Service webpage: (Japanese Only)

*2   Programmatic advertising: Advertising that is run while continuously changing and improving bids, creative aspects, targets, etc. in real-time to reach advertisement response targets for Internet users. A delivery method that differs from “pure advertising” in which you reserve and buy a frame on a particular site.

*3   Dentsu, “Japanese Advertisement Costs in 2018”

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Company Overview of Macromill, Inc.

Business Name:    Macromill, Inc.
Representative:    Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO
Headquarter:    Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established:    January 31, 2000
Main Business:    Marketing research and digital marketing solution


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