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Macromill launches “Live Survey”, a new solution feasible in the post Covid-19 world
– Supporting speedy decision-making from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives –

Tokyo, Jul. 13, 2020 - Macromill, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO; hereinafter, “Macromill”) is pleased to announce the launch of “Live Survey” in Japan. Live Survey is a new marketing research solution that enables surveys to be conducted in an online chat permitting the collection of qualitative data along with the immediate output of quantitative data. This solution is compatible with both domestic and overseas research for Japanese clients.
It is expected that, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on society, it will remain difficult to conduct research by inviting participants to a venue. This new solution from Macromill is less affected by the current circumstances because it enables research to be conducted with all participants, including moderators, survey participants and clients, participating via an online platform. In addition, the solution permits debriefing, during or after the survey, where the client and Macromill’s researchers review the results and discuss conclusions in line with the survey’s objective.

Outline of the solution

Live Survey is conducted via online chat, in which all survey participants answer questions at the same pace. This enables the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, and results can be viewed on the platform* immediately. In addition, our clients can participate in the survey as an observer from wherever they have Internet access.
This solution is suitable for surveys conducted during the product concept, packaging, or ad content evaluation where the goal is to identify areas of improvement in each of these phases. Live Survey may also help clients in collecting ideas or complaints from consumers to use for customer support or prospecting.

*   Powered by Remesh, a platform that uses AI to analyze, organize, and segment the comments of survey participants posted live in real-time (

 Conceptual diagram of Live Survey

Conceptual diagram of Live Survey

For more information on Live Survey: (Japanese Only),

Survey method

Questions asked by a moderator and answers given by survey participants are displayed on the platform. The moderator can ass two types of questions, both selection type questions and open-ended questions. The participants then answer each question within the given time. While questionnaire surveys are typically conducted following predetermined steps, Live Survey permits flexible adjustment of the survey, such as changing or adding questions based on the answers given during the survey as well to verify a new hypothesis or questionable points.


Survey results cover both quantitative and qualitative information, including scores indicating the level of sympathy expressed in the answers to open-ended questions. The results can be checked on the platform in real-time while the survey is under way, in addition to after it has ended. Raw data can also be delivered after a survey is finished.

 Output Image (for illustrative purpose only)

Output Image (for illustrative purpose only)

Benefits of the solution

1. Flexible approach with a focus on both quantitative and qualitative approaches

The solution permits survey design and data acquisition combining the verification of quantitative scores and the exploratory perspective of qualitative comments. It enables the deepening of discussions without having to consider only qualitative or quantitative aspects, and the making of decisions from a flexible point of view.

2. Real-time confirmation of survey results, which supports speedy decision-making

This solution enables immediate discussions on the direction of the business in real-time, or immediately after a survey concludes, based on survey results that were obtained.

3. Flexible implementation, a unique benefit of live surveys

Where a questionable point, hypothesis, or idea arises during a survey, questions can be changed or added in real-time. This enables the validation and adjustment of survey processes as many times as necessary.

4. Visualization of sympathy level

The solution quantifies popularity, sympathy, or the similar sentiments felt by survey participants by scoring the level of sympathy of respondents in each answer to an open-ended question. This leads to deeper discussions.

5. Compatibility with surveys conducted outside Japan

Live Survey is compatible with global research. It allows surveys to be conducted in a large number of countries and languages, including key regions in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Comments from companies which cooperated in trial implementations of this solution

  • We felt that Live Survey is highly compatible with concept surveys. It is attractive because it enables the brushing up of a concept quickly and the implementation of PDCA cycle many times. (Advertising agency)
  • In conventional online surveys, survey participants give answers alone. With Live Survey, however, they can see the answers of other respondents and deepen their perspective, which is good. There are cases where respondents agree with someone else’s opinion more strongly than with their own. (Advertising agency)
  • Live Survey provides the advantages of quantitative and qualitative data. (Manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods)
  • It permits corrections to survey content up to immediately before it is started, and we were able to add questions by checking results while the survey was under way, which was good. (Manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods)
  • Our survey included sensitive issues, and we felt that an online chat makes participants less hesitant to say what they really think than in a face-to-face talk. In addition, in the case of concept evaluation, respondents tend to give favorable responses in a face-to-face survey. With Live Survey, however, they gave us straightforward responses, including negative ones. (Manufacturer of cosmetics)

Macromill will continue to drive innovation in the marketing business domain with its cutting-edge services to realize a society where marketing services are readily available to anyone.


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Business Name:    Macromill, Inc.
Representative:    Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO
Headquarter:    Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established:    January 31, 2000
Main Business:    Marketing research and digital marketing solution


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