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Macromill launches Macromill Weekly Index Asia
- Providing free fixed-point observation data on consumers of five Asian
markets including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam -

Tokyo, Jul. 21, 2020 - Macromill, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO; hereinafter, “Macromill”) is pleased to announce the introduction of the “Macromill Weekly Index Asia” (hereinafter, “MWIA”) in Japan. This weekly fixed-point observation data provides current consumer sentiment and consumption trends in five Asian countries including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. This dataset works with Tableau, a business intelligence tool that analyzes and visualizes vast amounts of data. Through MWIA, the latest consumer data from key Asian countries will be available to anyone for free, to be used for diverse purposes in a timely manner.

For data collection, Macromill conducts an online fixed-point survey with consumers in the target countries every Thursday and publishes the obtained data on Friday of the following week at the new Macromill Weekly Index Asia website.
URL: (Japanese Only)

NOTE: English Tableau data is available from the link below.

“Macromill Weekly Index Asia” Tableau data

Many companies which operate businesses globally conduct consumer awareness surveys in the countries they have entered to collect market data and identify trends. However, most of these overseas surveys are only conducted a few times a year, simply to understand trends in their business domains. It has been difficult for businesses to obtain data that enables timely and continuous analyses on consumers to understand what’s going on now and the long-term perspective of how things are compared to the past.

Macromill updates the data for MWIA every week based on the consumer surveys conducted in each of the five Asian countries. Questions asked include expected change in consumption, what they bought, what they plan to buy, whether their consumer sentiment is positive or negative, their perception of the economic state, etc. in the past week. This will not only make the latest consumer awareness information easily available, but also enable the identification of medium- to long-term trends from the accumulated data, as the fixed-point observation continues. In addition, data integration using Tableau will enable users to analyze and specify data on the website using the filters provided, which sort the data by survey date, region, gender, age and other attributes. Macromill is also ready to offer value-added services that help clients deepen their understanding of the fixed-point observation data and utilize it for their marketing challenges. Those services include the provision of survey results, which will be prepared by leveraging the Company’s knowledge of the Asian region and its unique network.

Macromill will continue to create new initiatives to be a trusted partner, helping its clients solve their marketing challenges, and accelerate its efforts to become No.1 in the Asia market.

About this service

Macromill Weekly Index Asia is the fixed-point observation data for five markets in Asia, leveraging Macromill’s unique network and rich knowledge obtained through “Macromill Weekly Index”*1, another set of fixed-point observation data specific to Japan, which the Company has been providing since 2011. Starting from the end of April this year*2, a weekly survey for MWIA is conducted every Thursday on our own proprietary panels or panels from our partner company in China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, where the Macromill Group has its local offices. The survey data is integrated with Tableau and published on the Friday of the following week on the Macromill Weekly Index Asia website. In addition to enabling simple analyses of the data using Tableau, this service allows users to download survey results for their own diverse purposes such as data citation in their business proposals.

Outline of the survey

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Method Online research
Subjects China: Male and female aged 20 or over, 1,000 samples
(Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xian, Shenyang and Suzhou)
South Korea: Male and female aged 20 to 59, 500 samples (Nationwide)
Indonesia: Male and female aged 20 to 49, 500 samples (Greater Jakarta)
Thailand: Male and female aged 20 to 49, 500 samples (Greater Bangkok)
Vietnam: Men and female aged 20 to 49, 500 samples (Greater Hanoi and Greater Ho Chi Minh City)
Allocation method China: Equal gender and age distribution
South Korea: Allocation in proportion to the general population
Indonesia: Equal gender and age distribution
Thailand: Equal gender and age distribution
Vietnam: Equal gender and age distribution
Frequency of survey Every Thursday
Question items - Economic view (current and future)
- Price fluctuation (month-on-month and forecast)
- Sentiment in the past one week
- Ways of eating (dine out, cooking at home and etc.) on the weekend
- Percentage of their expenditure at retail stores
- Whether or not teleworking and/or off-peak commuting occurs
- Consumption estimate for the next one month
- Items they intend to purchase in the next one week, etc.
Survey conducted by China: insights (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.*2
South Korea: Macromill Embrain Co., Ltd.
Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam: Macromill Southeast Asia, Inc.
Data publishing Published on the Macromill Weekly Index Asia website on the Friday of the week after the survey is conducted.



*1   Macromill Weekly Index is data from a fixed-point observation of consumers in Japan, conducted weekly by Macromill. To obtain current consumer sentiment and consumption trends, the Company conducts an online research on 1,000 consumers from Macromill’s proprietary panels every Wednesday. This survey collects a wide range of information, including consumer sentiment and perception of economic state by referring to survey data from the Consumer Confidence Survey and the Economy Watchers Survey conducted by the Cabinet Office, in addition to facts about subjects’ consumption including the amount of money spent in the past week and the categories of goods and services that were consumed in the past one week.
URL: (Japanese Only)

*2   The survey in China began to be conducted in June 2020 through the cooperation of insights (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a Macromill partner in China.
URL: (Japanese/Chinese Only)

About Macromill

Macromill is a rapidly growing global marketing research and digital marketing solutions provider. We bring together the collective power of our specialist companies to provide innovative data and insights that drive clients’ smarter decisions. Macromill’s industry-leading digital research solutions deliver rapid and cost-effective solutions to the challenges businesses face today. Headquartered in Tokyo with 50 offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, Macromill serves more than 4,200 brands and agencies in more than 90 countries with over 2,500 experts worldwide.

Macromill Group companies include: Macromill, Inc., Dentsu Macromill Insight, Inc., H.M. Marketing Research, Inc., M-Cube, Inc., Macromill Carenet, Inc., Centan Inc., Macromill South East Asia, Inc., Macromill Embrain Co., Ltd., MetrixLab B.V.,Oxyme B.V.and Precision Sample, LLC. For more information, please visit our Macromill Group website

Company Overview of Macromill, Inc.

Business Name:    Macromill, Inc.
Representative:    Scott Ernst, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO
Headquarters:    Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established:    January 31, 2000
Main Business:    Marketing research and digital marketing solution


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