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Macromill Launches Life Science Business

Tokyo, May 13, 2021 - Macromill, Inc. (hereinafter, “Macromill”) has launched a Life Science Business to conduct research and acquire biochemical data relevant to the field of healthcare for health promotion and disease prevention*1 (so-called "human clinical trials"*2) while supporting the building and utilization of a health database.

1.Aims of this initiative

The healthcare market has continued to expand in recent years as the number of elderly people increases and medical technology advances. In particular, growth is predicted in the field of healthcare for health promotion and disease prevention as extending healthy life expectancy has become a policy challenge. For this reason, many companies have entered this field, not just pharmaceuticals and healthcare providers, but also food, chemistry, travel, and information and communication services.

At the same time, the healthcare industry faces many challenges including encouraging people with little or no interest in health to use their services, calculating the cost-benefit performance of healthcare services and convincing consumers of the need for paid-for healthcare services in addition to public medical services. Overcoming these challenges requires showcasing service functionality based on strong and objective evidence, as well as creating business models that make maximum use of data.

Macromill will maximize its industry-leading large consumer panels, including of more than 1.3 million people in Japan (hereinafter, "proprietary panels"), to acquire not only awareness data but also various forms of behavioral data (purchase information, advertisement exposure history, Internet access logs, location information, etc.) that can be managed centrally by being cross-referenced with attribute data (gender, age, residence, etc.). The Company has also expanded the scope of data acquired in accordance with client needs, for example by measuring and analyzing brain waves, heart rate, gaze and other biological responses to support client companies in their marketing activities.

Prior to the launch of this initiative, Macromill had received an increasing number of requests from client companies about utilizing its proprietary panels for human clinical trials relating to health promotion and disease prevention, as well as the acquisition and use of biochemical data (blood, saliva, etc.). In response, the Company established a dedicated department in 2020 and has been evaluating a potential business launch as it built a track record of providing these services using the proprietary panels.

Now, building on that experience, and based on its solid relationships with its wide-ranging group of about 2,800 client companies in Japan, Macromill is launching the new Life Science Business in anticipation of further growth in demand for healthcare research relating to health promotion and disease prevention.

2.Overview of the Life Science Business

By launching this business, it will become possible for client companies working in healthcare offering health promotion and disease prevention to provide the necessary research and acquire biochemical data (including so-called "human clinical trials") through Macromill's large proprietary panels which corresponds to approximately 1% of the Japanese population. Specifically, Macromill will create a system for acquiring biochemical data with the consent of the consumer panels, incorporating the following two points in the business:

  • Supporting human clinical trials
    Macromill will accept the commissioning of clinical trials for the purpose of submitting applications for foods for specified health uses, reporting foods with functional claims and obtaining various forms of evidence. Macromill will use its proprietary panels, which are one of the largest in the industry, and its know-how in surveys and other data collection methods to provide flexible clinical trial services of high quality. The Company will support the entire process from planning a trial and formulating protocols to analyzing the data, writing reports, publishing papers and submitting function claims.
  • Supporting the building and utilization of a health database
    Macromill will build a health database for client company R&D in such areas as explicating disease mechanisms, developing predictive algorithms using that data, creating personalized healthcare services and products, and effective healthcare marketing. Making the most of its track record in supporting DMP design for clients, the Company will provide support in accordance with client needs such as the continuous acquisition of biochemical data (integration with other personal data held by Macromill if needed), building an environment for data accumulation and management, and supporting the visualization of data utilization.

In order to progress these two projects, Macromill intends to actively cultivate collaboration with outside partners. As part of that strategy, the Company will enter into business partnerships with the following two companies in an effort to achieve its business objectives at an early stage through collaboration:

  • (Human clinical trials)
    Macromill will enable diverse human clinical trials through its business alliance with Healthcare Systems, Inc., whose strength lies in planning and analyzing trials using its original postal test kits and biomarkers. Macromill will also enhance its online clinical trials by combining the postal test kits of Healthcare Systems Inc. with its own strengths in online data collection and online surveys.
  • (Supporting the building and utilization of a health database)
    Through its business partnership with Human Metabolome Technologies, Inc., whose strength lies in metabolome*3 analysis that comprehensively analyzes metabolites now attracting attention in the healthcare market, Macromill will be able to acquire and analyze biochemical data for understanding mental and physical states as well as anticipating and predicting future disease. It also enables the Company to build a health database for client companies to integrate and utilize such biochemical data along with a host of other forms of data.

In its Mid-term Business Plan, Macromill states the aim of evolving into a "Research" x "DATA" company that reaches beyond research and supports clients in data utilization. As part of this business objective, the Company is expanding its business in the field of healthcare for health promotion and disease prevention by promoting the benefits of conducting research and utilizing data through its proprietary panels to clients operating in, or targeting, these sectors.

3.Future prospects

The expected impact of this new initiative on our Group’s business results is immaterial. Macromill will promptly announce additional information on this initiative in the future, should they arise.

*1: Healthcare for health promotion and disease prevention
Actions or health management for the maintenance or promotion of health in a pre-symptomatic state without disease

*2: Human clinical trials
Trials conducted to demonstrate the efficacy or safety of non-pharmaceutical products such as food, cosmetics and supplements

*3: Metabolome
All metabolites in the physical body

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