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Notice Regarding the Launch of Macromill Ads, a Digital Advertising Business
- Developed a one-stop solution to support advertising / promotion by utilizing data from consumer panel -

Tokyo, August 12, 2021 - Macromill, Inc. (hereinafter, “Macromill”) is pleased to announce the development and launch of Macromill Ads. The digital advertising business provides a one-stop service for the advertising process in our clients marketing activities, using the diverse data collected from Macromill’s 1.3 million proprietary consumer panels. It ranges from ad planning to distribution to measuring effectiveness.

1.The aim of the business launch

Recently, we’ve seen consumer touchpoints and the customer journey diversifying in response to the rapid spread of smartphones and tablets, the rise of social media, and the increase in eCommerce purchasing. This behavior complicates the process of marketing for our clients. Today, solving a single marketing research issue is no longer adequate, instead our clients need a partner to collaborate on their core marketing issues to help them find the solution.
In addition, as the regulations around the handling of personal data are tightened, more privacy-friendly data handling is essential, and this means our clients are finding it harder to acquire data. It is more important than ever to work with experts in processing and utilizing acquired data.

Macromill supports our clients marketing activity through the comprehensive provision and management of various data connected with attribution data. Empowered by the Company’s over 1.3 million domestic proprietary consumer panels (hereinafter, “proprietary panel”), which is equivalent to 1% of the total population of Japan, the Company has acquired a range of data types such as behavioral*1 and biological, as well as awareness data. Through the proprietary panel construction process, Macromill has accumulated both experience and a track record. During the 20 years since the business was established, we have, continuously communicated with panels to obtain approval to utilize the data they provide and we have also accumulated significant data processing /analysis expertise.

Based on this experience and track record, Macromill launched the digital advertising business in 2020. Since then, we have provided a service that automatically optimizes advertisement distribution while sequentially measuring consumer awareness survey results, together with an advertisement distribution service focused on targeting uniquely developed consumer segments.

Macromill is currently transforming its business model from a Marketing Research Company into a Professional Marketing Services Company. As part of its transformation initiatives, Macromill has announced it will enter a new business field, Marketing Activation Support. Along with this new initiative, Macromill launched Macromill Ads, a digital advertising business using its proprietary panel based on its track record in the previous digital advertising business. In the era of tightening data protection regulation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle data. However, we can provide more effective advertisement distribution service by utilizing a massive amount of data from the proprietary panel, with the necessary permissions to use it for clients' marketing activities. Leveraging our unique strength of permitted data-based marketing initiatives, Macromill aims to support clients advertising processes with this one-stop service.

2.The outline of Macromill Ads, the digital advertising business

Macromill Ads distributes and operates digital advertisements based on data obtained from the proprietary panel. In addition to utilizing the know-how cultivated in quantitative/qualitative research and effectiveness measurement for creating marketing initiatives, Macromill offers total support in the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle for advertising. Macromill Ads includes the following two solutions: (1) Macromill Ads Targeting and (2) Macromill Ads Brand Optimizer to support a series of processes from advertisement distribution to operation. To avoid a bias from an advertisement distribution in future research results, Macromill controls advertisement exposure of the proprietary panel, which is the source of data expansion, and secures them from the advertisement.

■ The Macromill Ads product logo

The outline of the Data Utilization Support Business

■ Issues in the advertising field and solutions to be provided

Issues in the advertising field and solutions to be provided

(1) Macromill Ads Targeting

The solution distributes digital advertisements to clients' voluntary target segments sampled based on research Macromill has conducted and/or diverse behavioral data such as purchase data. It constructs an audience of the target segment on each ad distribution platform and distributes a digital advertisement to an audience using the original statistical technology and the privacy-friendly first-party data obtained from the proprietary panel with their permission.

(2) Macromill Ads Brand Optimizer

This solution optimizes the operations of digital advertisement distribution while using real-time research*2, Macromill's original research tool, as a key solution. It connects the output with sequentially measured awareness survey results, including brand and advertisement awareness. This optimizes and distributes digital advertisements based on brand indices such as ad and product awareness, and purchase intention without using the conventional performance indices such as CPC and CPA.

3. Future prospects

The expected impact of this new initiative on our Group’s business results is immaterial. Macromill will promptly announce additional information on this initiative in the future should they arise.


*1   The behavioral data Macromill obtains from the proprietary consumer panel: Purchase, e-Commerce purchase, advertisement exposure, internet access log, geographic location data, etc.

*2   Real-time research: The solution obtains such brand indices as brand awareness and favorableness at a high frequency and provides them on the original dashboard (millBoard) on a real-time basis.
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Company Overview of Macromill, Inc.

Business Name:    Macromill, Inc.
Representative:    Toru Sasaki, Representative Executive Officer, Global CEO
Headquarters:    Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established:    January 31, 2000
Main Business:    Marketing research and digital marketing solution


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