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Macromill Certified as a Third-Party Measurement Partner for Google’s YouTube Ads
Measuring ad effectiveness on all devices including connected TVs

Tokyo, Dec 19, 2023 - Macromill, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Executive Officer and CEO: Toru Sasaki; hereinafter, “Macromill”) has been certified by Google as a third-party measurement partner for YouTube ads.

The certification makes it possible for Macromill to measure advertising effectiveness based on event logs without relying on digital identifiers including third-party cookies or mobile advertising IDs, across all devices, including connected TVs, smartphones, computers, and tablets. Now, Macromill is able to analyze advertising effectiveness for YouTube ads and support advertisers’ media planning optimization.

■ Background

In the past, the most common method for advertisers to measure digital advertising effectiveness was to use third-party cookies and mobile advertising IDs. However, legal regulations have tightened due to the revision of the Personal Information Protection Law, and it became necessary to establish a sustainable method of advertising effectiveness that does not rely on third-party cookie technology.

Against this backdrop, Macromill has been working with various platforms to measure advertising effectiveness utilizing consumer panels, which is one of the company’s key strengths. Accordingly, Macromill has been officially certified by Google as a third-party brand lift measurement partner for YouTube.

■ Overview of the service

In response to this certification, Macromill has developed an advertising effectiveness measurement solution using the Google Ads Data Hub (ADH) in cooperation with Google, which enables advertisers to measure brand lift on YouTube across all delivery devices, including connected TVs, smartphones, computers, and tablets without relying on third-party cookies or mobile advertising IDs. In order to maximize advertising effectiveness, Macromill provides brand lift analysis that can be used to optimize media planning of YouTube ads.

In addition, Macromill’s YouTube brand lift measurement is highly flexible in the survey questions and can be customized (some are fixed), making it possible to verify the effect on intermediate indicators that customers routinely measure.

When outputting data, Macromill uses propensity scores to ensure that Macromill is measuring the correct brand lift effect. As a result, the degree of category involvement and media viewing bias between exposed and non-exposed consumers are minimized as much as possible, and advertising effectiveness can be measured precisely.

1. Measurement on wide variety of devices

Event log-based measurement across all delivery devices, including connected TVs.

Image of Measurement on wide variety of devices

2. Flexibility of survey questions

In addition to fixed questions, open-ended questions can be asked as well. Brand lift effects can be verified for intermediate customer indicators.

Chart:Exposed and Non-exposed

Chart: Fixed questions and company's own open-ended questions for survey interviews

3. Data correction using trend propensity is implemented as a standard feature.

Data correction for measuring precise advertising effects is implemented as a standard feature. Biases between exposed and non-exposed consumers, such as category involvement and media usage frequency, are excluded to derive correct advertising effectiveness in terms of advertising exposure.

Image of Measurement on wide variety of devices

Chart: Graph image after being corrected using trend scores

■ Future Initiatives "Enabling cross-media measurement of advertising effectiveness between YouTube and TV"

It will allow cross-media measurement to optimize ad planning for YouTube and TV. This case is expected to be announced in the first half of 2024.

Image of Measurement on wide variety of devices

Chart: Cross media analysis image of YouTube and TV

Macromill Group will continue to help clients maximize advertising effectiveness and make smarter decisions by providing services that contribute to the further development of the advertising industry.



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