Macromill Group

Global Network

Global Network

Headquartered in Tokyo, with over 20 offices in Asian cities including Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh.

Group Companies

Macromill, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Japan’s biggest online survey provider with over 20,000 projects per year. Provides broad range of Digital x Marketing services, not to mention the conventional surveys such as interview.

Dentsu Macromill Insight, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

A joint venture with Dentsu. Over 3,000 projects per year. Professionals on insight excavation who are well acquainted with consumers and life style. Provides the optimized survey methodology depending on the marketing challenge.

H.M. Marketing Research, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

A joint venture with Hakuhodo. Provides total marketing support from strategy development to management based on research, data analytics, and marketing consulting capabilities.

Macromill Carenet, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

A joint venture with Carenet. Specializes on medical field, a combination of Macromill’s survey know-hows and Carenet’s rich medical expertise and talents.

Monitas, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Consumer panel network provider. Provides an environment for monitoring marketplace and insight discovery based on "customer data" that companies have accumulated through membership for sales and repeater acquisition.

M-CUBE, INC.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Manages/builds Macromill’s 30,000 purchase panels/purchase data base. Specializes in consumer’s purchase behavior and provides purchase x awareness data, analytic report.

Centan Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Provides deep consumer insights by collecting and analyzing consumers’ subconscious biological reactions including EEG.

Eight Hundred, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

A consulting firm established by the merger of Macromill’s Data Consulting Business and SOUTH Inc. in July 2022. Have a competitive edge in marketing and data utilization. The company provides one-stop support for clients’ business challenges, from business strategy creation to implementation support by a professional team of consultants, analysts, and engineers.

acclimate Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

acclimate provides a consulting service with a competitive edge in Digital Transformation (DX) promotion and a start-up business.
We have a human resource matching platform which has a large number of registered professionals and deliver a one-stop service to solve our client’s business challenge, including team building.

Macromill South East Asia, Inc.  (Tokyo, Japan)

Provides online and offline marketing research solutions and panel supply services in Southeast Asia, mainly in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Macromill Embrain Co., Ltd.  (Seoul, Korea)

Macromill’s subsidiary and the biggest online survey provider in Korea (Seoul). A comprehensive survey company with over 50 researchers with the biggest panel of over 1 million panels. Strong in oversea and sociological surveys.

Macromill China Insight, Inc.  (Shanghai, China)

Develops business centered on online research at its local subsidiary in China (location: Shanghai). Proposals are made according to the research background and objectives, utilizing the knowledge of the Macromill Group.