Macromill Group

Message from our CEO

Celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2020, the Macromill Group has grown into a global company with operations in 50 locations in 21 countries and 2,900 professionals working around the world.

Our founding management philosophy of “providing services that truly satisfy and impress our clients in order to support their better decision-making” remains the origin of our actions.

Today, the proliferation and development of mobile devices and digital media is changing the way consumers live. This driven significant changes in the marketing activities of our clients, and the progress of digital transformation is further fueling these changes.

Our clients are facing new challenges of understanding more complex consumers and changing marketing activities, while generating and collecting a variety of data on a daily basis. Now with the difficult task of using this data to its fullest, they are in an unprecedented situation.

It is our mission to solve our clients’ challenges.

By using our cultivated know-how and new technologies, we go beyond the boundaries of marketing research to help you. As your close, trusted, and true marketing partner, we help you solve this unprecedentedly difficult challenge.

Thank you for your support over the last 20 years, we look forward to facing the future together.

Toru Sasaki
Representative Executive Officer,
Global CEO