Macromill Group

Corporate Governance

Basic mindset on corporate governance

Macromill Group has established the 'Macromill Code of Conduct' as the foundation of corporate rules which the officers and employees shall observe in their daily work. The Macromill Code of Conduct sets forth, based on its management principles, the detail code of conduct with the pillars of the 'Compliance with the laws and regulations, etc.', 'Proper relation with the society', 'Respect of human rights', and 'Sincere corporate activities', in accordance with the policy that it is essential for the proper and sound development of Macromill that all of its officers and employees (including full-time workers, contract workers, part-time workers, part-time workers with expertise, temporary workers, and seconded workers; the same hereinafter) fully recognize their necessary social responsibility in the various corporate activities, and act in compliance with the social ethics.
Macromill Group plans to fully establish its corporate governance system and continue to review and expand it, in order to realize its sound and transparent corporate management based on the Macromill Code of Conduct.